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outstretched, smiling. "No use beating about the bush,

【description】"He'sameanfellow!"saidFrankIngalls."Isupposeheexpectedtobecaptain.""Shouldn'twonder,"saidSamRivers." ...

"He's a mean fellow!" said Frank Ingalls. "I suppose he expected to be captain."

outstretched, smiling.

"Shouldn't wonder," said Sam Rivers. "Anyhow, he's a fool to make such a fuss about it. As for me," he added, with a mirthful glance, "I am just as much disappointed as he is. When I came here this afternoon I expected I should be elected captain, and I'd got my speech all ready, but now I'm sorry that it will have to be wasted."

outstretched, smiling.

There was a general burst of laughter, for Sam Rivers, whom everybody liked for his good nature, was incorrigibly awkward, and had made a larger number of blunders, probably, than any other member of the company."

outstretched, smiling.

"Give us the speech, Sam," said Bob Ingalls.

"Speech! speech!" cried Joseph Barry.

"Very well, gentlemen, if you desire it."

Sam drew from his pocket a blank piece of paper, and pretended to read the following speech, which he made up on the spur of the moment.

"Ahem! gentlemen," he commenced, in a pompous tone, assuming an air of importance; "I am deeply indebted to you for this very unexpected honor."

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