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"I admire the artistry with which it has been fashioned.

【description】"'Didn'tyoufeelafraidwhenwefiredonthetown?'"'Wewereallinthecellar,sir.Oneshotstruckthehouse,butdidno ...

" 'Didn't you feel afraid when we fired on the town?'

" 'We were all in the cellar, sir. One shot struck the house, but did not injure it much.'

" 'You use very good language,' I could not help saying.

" 'Yes, sir; I have had more advantages than most of--of my class.' These last words he spoke rather bitterly. 'When I was a young man my master amused himself with teaching me; but he found I learned so fast that he stopped short. But I carried it on by myself.'

" 'Didn't you find that difficult?'

" 'Yes, sir; but my will was strong. I managed to get books, now one way, now another. I have read considerable, sir.'

" 'Have you ever read Shakespeare?'

" 'In part, sir; but I never could get hold of "Hamlet." I have always wanted to read that play.'

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