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"All right, you're on," he replied thoughtlessly. The others

【description】"'Really,'thoughtThomasTubbs,'Ineverexpectedtobesuchanobjectofinterest.IthinkI'llgohome.'"Hishousewa ...

" 'Really,' thought Thomas Tubbs, 'I never expected to be such an object of interest. I think I'll go home.'

"His house was a mile off, but so large were his strides that five minutes carried him to it.

"Now Mrs. Tubbs was busy putting the dinner on the table, and wondering why her husband did not make his appearance. She was fully determined to give him a scolding in case his delay was so great as to cause the dinner to cool. All at once she heard a bustle at the door. Looking into the entry, she saw a huge man endeavoring to make his entrance into the house. As the portal was only seven feet in height, it was not accomplished without a great deal of twisting and squirming. "Mrs. Tubbs turned pale.

" 'What are you trying to do, you monster?' she faltered.

" 'I have come home to dinner, Mary,' was the meek reply.

" 'Come home to dinner!' exclaimed Mrs. Tubbs, aghast. 'Who in the name of wonder are you, you overgrown brute?'

" 'Who am I? asked the giant, smiling feebly, for he began to feel a little queer at this reception from the wife with whom he had lived for fifteen years. 'Ha! ha! don't you know your own husband--your Tommy?'

" 'My husband!' exclaimed Mrs. Tubbs, astonished at the fellow's impudence. 'You, don't mean to say that you are my husband?'

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