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They laughed and dismissed the subject, but one of them,

【description】"Atoncetherewasashoutofterror.Thecrowdscatteredinalldirections,forgettingthespectacleatwhich,themome ...

"At once there was a shout of terror. The crowd scattered in all directions, forgetting the spectacle at which, the moment before, they had been laughing heartily, and the little tailor, no longer little, was left alone in the market-place.

They laughed and dismissed the subject, but one of them,

" 'Good heavens!' he exclaimed in bewilderment, stretching out his brawny arm, nearly five feet in length, and staring at it in ludicrous astonishment, 'who'd have thought that I should ever be so tall?'

They laughed and dismissed the subject, but one of them,

"To tell the truth, the little man--I mean Mr. Tubbs--at first rather enjoyed his new magnitude. He had experienced mortification so long on account of his diminutive stature, that he felt a little exhilarated at the idea of being able to look down on those to whom he had hitherto felt compelled to look up. It was rather awkward to have people afraid of him. As he turned to leave the square, for the exhibitor of the show had run off in the general panic, he could see people looking at him from third-story windows, and pointing at him with outstretched fingers and mouths agape.

They laughed and dismissed the subject, but one of them,

" 'Really,' thought Thomas Tubbs, 'I never expected to be such an object of interest. I think I'll go home.'

"His house was a mile off, but so large were his strides that five minutes carried him to it.

"Now Mrs. Tubbs was busy putting the dinner on the table, and wondering why her husband did not make his appearance. She was fully determined to give him a scolding in case his delay was so great as to cause the dinner to cool. All at once she heard a bustle at the door. Looking into the entry, she saw a huge man endeavoring to make his entrance into the house. As the portal was only seven feet in height, it was not accomplished without a great deal of twisting and squirming. "Mrs. Tubbs turned pale.

" 'What are you trying to do, you monster?' she faltered.

" 'I have come home to dinner, Mary,' was the meek reply.

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