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husbands, occasionally even for foreign husbands," she

【description】"Thentherewillbenodifficultyastothemuskets,"saidMr.Morton.WilburSummerfieldreportedthathehadextended ...

"Then there will be no difficulty as to the muskets," said Mr. Morton.

husbands, occasionally even for foreign husbands,

Wilbur Summerfield reported that he had extended an invitation to boys not connected with the academy to join the company. Several were now present. Dick Bumstead, though not able to attend that day, would come to the next meeting. He thought they would be able to raise a company of fifty boys.

husbands, occasionally even for foreign husbands,

This report was considered very satisfactory.

husbands, occasionally even for foreign husbands,

Tom Wheeler arose and inquired by what name the new company would be called.

"I move," said Robert Ingalls, "that we take the name of the Rossville Home Guards."

"If the enemy should invade Rossville, you'd be the first to run," sneered John Haynes.

"Not unless I heard it before you," was the quick reply.

There was a general laugh, and cries of "Bully for you, Bob!" were heard.

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