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great wooden, brass-studded gates of old Japan," said Karsten.

【description】"That'sabullystory,"saidCharlie,usingawordwhichhehadheardfromolderboys."IwishIwasagreattallgiant.""W ...

"That's a bully story," said Charlie, using a word which he had heard from older boys. "I wish I was a great tall giant."

great wooden, brass-studded gates of old Japan,

"What would you do if you were, Charlie?"

great wooden, brass-studded gates of old Japan,

"I'd go and fight the rebels," said Charlie manfully.

great wooden, brass-studded gates of old Japan,


In the season of leisure from farm work which followed, Frank found considerable time for study. The kind sympathy and ready assistance given by Mr. Morton made his task a very agreeable one, and his progress for a time was as rapid as if he had remained at school.

He also assumed the office of teacher, having undertaken to give a little elementary instruction to Pomp. Here his task was beset with difficulties. Pomp was naturally bright, but incorrigibly idle. His activity was all misdirected and led him into a wide variety of mischief. He had been sent to school, but his mischievous propensities had so infected the boys sitting near him that the teacher had been compelled to request his removal.

Three times in the week, during the afternoon, Pomp came over to the farm for instruction. On the first of these occasions we will look in upon him and his teacher.

Pomp is sitting on a cricket by the kitchen fire. He has a primer open before him at the alphabet. His round eyes are fixed upon the page as long as Frank is looking at him, but he requires constant watching. His teacher sits near-by, with a Latin dictionary resting upon a light stand before him, and a copy of Virgil's Aeneid in his hand.

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