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statisticians was studying the situation, and obviously

【description】LatelyacoveredwagonhadcommencedrunningtwiceadaybetweenRossvilleandtherailway-stationatWellington.Itw ...

Lately a covered wagon had commenced running twice a day between Rossville and the railway-station at Wellington. It was started at seven in the morning, in time to meet the early trains, and again at four, in order to receive any passengers who might have left the city in the afternoon.

statisticians was studying the situation, and obviously

Occupying a central position in the village stood the tavern--a two-story building, with a long piazza running along the front. Here an extended seat was provided, on which, when the weather was not too inclement, the floating population of the village, who had plenty of leisure, and others when their work was over for the day, liked to congregate, and in neighborly chat discuss the affairs of the village, or the nation, speculating perchance upon the varying phases of the great civil contest, which, though raging hundreds of miles away, came home to the hearts and hearths of quiet Rossville and every other village and hamlet in the land.

statisticians was studying the situation, and obviously

The driver of the carriage which made its daily journeys to and fro from the station had received from his parents the rather uncommon name of Ajax, not probably from any supposed resemblance to the ancient Grecian hero, of whom it is doubtful whether his worthy progenitor had ever heard. He had been at one time a driver on a horse-car in New York, but had managed to find his way from the busy hum of the city to quiet Rossville, where he was just in time for an employment similar to the one he had given up.

statisticians was studying the situation, and obviously

One day, early in November, a young man of slight figure, apparently not far from twenty-five years of age, descended from the cars at the Wellington station and, crossing the track, passed through the small station-house to the rear platform.

"Can you tell me," he inquired of a bystander, "whether there is any conveyance between this place and Rossville?"

"Yes, sir," was the reply. "That's the regular carriage, and here's the driver. Ajax, here's a passenger for you."

"I have a trunk on the other side," said the young man, addressing the driver. "If you wild go round with me, we will bring it here."

"All right, sir," said Ajax, in a businesslike way.

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